Mango ‘New Metallics’ Television Commercial
Directed by Amir Chamdin Produced by Martina Stöhr

'Future Starts Slow' by The Kills provides perfectly-calibrated archness to this Mango ad shot by Amir Chamdin. The Director underlines his fashion prowess with a shoot based on minimalist visuals, but with a lethal injection of cool coursing through its veins. Bars of lights shimmer and fade overhead as the film flits between monochrome shots of Kills guitarist Jamie Hince playing with practised bravado and model Karlie Kloss dressed in the retailer's new collection of metal-inspired finery. Hince's buzz saw chords are the ideal match for the ad's simmering attitude, with Kloss addressing the camera as if she knows where all the best parties are - it's just a matter of picking one to grace with her presence. Chamdin creates a seductive and aggressive rhythm to the ad, one which is bolstered by the astute soundtrack choice.

The fashion label's alloy twist on the grunge look thus receives a launch ad which draws both eyes and ears to the proposition with roguish aplomb. //DAVIDreviews. 5 Star rating